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Educational Tours

Foreign student Education Exchange programs offer valuable learning experiences and lots of fun through various learning activities. Any tour program given to us by foreign students in which participants travel to a location as a group with the purpose of engaging in a learning experience directly or indirectly will be scrutinized and approved by our professional planner. It can comprise of several sub-learning types including archeological study, ecotourism, heritage tourism, cultural tourism, agro-based tourism, and student exchanges between educational institutions. The main objective of this safari is to expose students to the beauty of Africa, the adventure, the cultures, the diverse ecosystems and to give them the opportunity to be happy while in foreign land. By being involved in this particular trip, the students will appreciate the diversity and vibrance of lifestyles in Africa.

Foreign Students Educational Exchanges

Kenya & Beyond Safaris has the capacity to provide the logistics for foreign students with interest in coming to any of the East Africa Countries for any of the above mentioned activities. What makes us confident of being your co-coordinator here is that such tours have on several occasions been organized by our Mr. Joash Were, one of which was done with a renowned USA based publisher and senior lecturer Dr. Clinton Crawford whose interest is primarily historical and archeological sites in Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt. Apart from the logistics, Joash Were was able to source for qualified Historian, Geographer, and a Naturalist who game lectures in their various fields. The end result of this was used by IAT as part of their curriculum and it has been cool running all the way. We invite you to share with us any exchanges be it for students or otherwise and we will be of help.