Le Jacaranda Hotel

A large, quiet and peaceful hotel in the centre of Arusha, with extensive picturesque grounds shaded by many beautiful trees and contains a mini-golf course. The warm and hospitable staff have cared for many travellers through its history. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful trees. The people are warm, hospitable.

The rooms are clean and in the main generously proportioned but are in need of maintenance in some areas, notably the mosquito nettings and bathroom fixtures. The single rooms are inadequately small, and elicit frequent complaints. However, there is copious amounts of hot water, but it may take a time to arrive. Downtown Arusha can get quite hot at night, and the rooms are not equipped with electric fans or air conditioning, and nor do they have televisions.
There is a large choice on the menu for dinner, but breakfast can be limited, but the homemade jams receive rave reviews. Service times can be slow, and the prices are on the expensive side, which may reflect the very good reputation that the restaurant has amongst the locals of Arusha. However, their attempts on oriental cuisine can be a bit hit-and-miss.
Power-cuts are a city-wide problem and occasionally Le Jacaranda's generator doesn',t function. During a city-wide power-cut the water company's pumps cannot function; consequently water pressure is a problem.

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