Mara Crossings Camp

An eco friendly luxury tented camp, Mara Crossings Camp is uniquely located on the banks of the World famous Mara River.

Vibrant and rejuvenating, Mara Crossings Camp lies among indigenous shrubs right at the mighty rivers edge. A wild, yet intimate experience in the thick of the resident game this is the perfect vantage point for one of the most famous fording points of the wildebeest migration.

Well used animal trails meander between 8 spacious, ensuite safari tents while quiet outlooks on the rivers edge allow guests, cocktail in hand to dream the afternoon away!

The camp is ideally located in the Musiara region famous for its plains of teeming wildebeest and no less carnivorous predators. The most unique aspect of this quaint camp is its close proximity to the various migratory CROSSING points thereby offering sightings of the annual movement of wildebeest and other herbivores across the Serengeti - Mara Ecosystem - one of the greatest spectacles in the natural world!

The rich, red notes of the African Earth are reflected in the interiors of each of the eight suites. With expansive views, the tents are strung out on one side of the River allowing the guests to marvel at the unspoilt wilderness from their own private verandah.
The suites offer solitude and serenity while catering for the modern traveler by ensuring little luxuries like steaming hot showers await you after a day out on the wild plains.
Enjoy the sight of a herd of Elephant drinking or the crocodiles basking in the sunlight, jaws agape. Listen to the melody of the resident hippos as they frolic away in the river below.
Our food is fresh, exciting and bursting with flavour. Served with tradition it is shared with joy where every meal becomes a celebration.
An interactive Kitchen brings a touch of theatre to breakfast and lunch, while dinner in staying true to the African Bush is served Al fresco under the canopy of a billion stars!
Rejoice in a candle lit dinner under a star strewn sky as the gentle gurgle of the river below creates a serene setting for a romantic dinner.
Nothing creates close camaraderie than sharing a delightful meal in a wild setting!
The rustic lounge tent redolent of classic safari with richly woven African rugs, hand crafted furniture and comfortable sofas carve out cosy corners where guests share and relive their enriched experiences of the timeless Savannah!
The cool interiors of the guest areas open up to the rugged, yet peaceful grounds inviting you to relax back in to the deep leather armchairs while listening to the roar of the river as it melds with the chorus of wild animal and bird calls.
As one of the few guests housed at the camp you will feel instantly at home in the serene retreat.
Gather around the blazing fire place in the evening to share the adventures of the day while nibbling away on delicate and sumptuous cuisine.

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